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Therapy for Couples

Therapy for Couples

Has the “spark” gone out in your relationship? Are you and your partner constantly fighting?  Do the two of you struggle with communication, respect, or teamwork?  Has there been an incidence of betrayal or infidelity?

So many of us struggle to thrive in our relationships.  In fact, nearly 1 in 7 couples will, at some point, experience cheating or infidelity (see Labrecque & Whisman, 2017).  We argue, lash out, and even seek other sources of comfort when the relationship goes sour.  But whether your relationship is in crisis or you are just trying to boost your bond, therapy can help.

My name is Amy Goldman, and I believe that every relationship deserves a second chance.  Over the past thirty years in the field of mental health, I have worked with so many individuals and couples who struggle with connection – and I’d love to work with you.

If you are interested and ready to get started, contact me today.  To learn more about relationship issues and how therapy can help, read on!

Do we really need therapy?

All relationships have problems.

When two people come together, they bring their own unique sets of values, needs, and ways of communicating.  Sometimes these differences mesh well, and sometimes they create dysfunction.

Some of the most common signs of relational dysfunction include:

*When abuse has entered into the partnership, some members will feel unable to express themselves or have their needs met – even in therapy.  My priority is your safety, and so if you are in an unsafe or abusive relationship, contact the domestic violence hotline or follow this link.

Sometimes, couples are able to work through their differences and build a safe, strong relationship together.  But many couples get caught up in their problems and are unable to move forward together.  What started out as a healthy, loving bond can turn into something toxic, stressful, and damaging – but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Therapy can offer your relationship a second chance.

Get your relationship back on track, and contact me today.

How can therapy help our relationship?

Therapy for couples (also called couple counseling or couple therapy) is specifically designed to help you and your partner restore four essential ingredients found in healthy relationships: intimacy, trust, commitment, and communication.

We thrive when our romantic relationships are intimate.  Intimacy is not just about sex or physical touch – it’s all about connection.  Emotional intimacy plays just as much of a role as what goes on in the bedroom.  A loss in intimacy can make us feel like something is wrong, like our partner does not find us attractive or important.  Therapy can help you restore that “spark” and build a sense of deeper connection.

We also need our partners to be trustworthy.  Trust is all about feeling secure and safe.  If there is a violation of trust, such as cheating, lying, or abuse, that safety quickly disappears.  Therapy can help you and your partner work through the hurt that comes with breaches in trust and finally move forward together.

Commitment is about dedication and effort.  Sometimes this has to do with formal commitment (e.g., marriage), but it often means more than that.  We need our partners to be just as invested in the relationship as we are; otherwise, we might feel unwanted or (conversely) smothered.  You and your partner can use therapy to have difficult conversations about expectations for one and other as well as plans for your future.

Although intimacy, commitment, and trust are important, effective communication is crucial for maintaining a strong relationship.  Therapists are able to identify problematic patterns of communication and miscommunication and help you work better together as a team.

What if it isn’t working?

Some relationships just aren’t meant to be, and not all couples can recover from certain hardships.  Sometimes, therapy for couples is about working through breakup, separation, or divorce.  In those cases, we work together to make sure things end amicably.  Therapy can help the two of you find closure, learn to support others who might be affected (e.g., children), and make difficult decisions.

What does therapy look like with Amy Goldman?

Let’s work together!

I offer evidence-based, confidential therapy services for kids, teens, adults, and families from all over Los Angeles and Santa Monica.  My psychotherapy office is conveniently located in Santa Monica, NOMA (North of Montana), although I also work remotely, offering teletherapy services.

Each session is designed to help you and your partner reach your relational goals.  I am a firm believer in providing you with a chance to mobilize your own innate capacity for health and wellbeing.  I draw from a range of treatment modalities, such as Psychodynamic psychotherapy, Person-Centered, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in my work with couples.

My couple therapy is designed to help you:

  • Build feelings of trust, intimacy, and commitment
  • Manage conflict in a healthy, respectful manner
  • Engage in difficult conversations
  • Work through the pain of an affair
  • Make decisions about the relationship
  • Deal with major stressors (e.g., having children)

You and your partner deserve to feel connected and safe with one another.  You deserve a bond that brings joy, not stress.  You deserve a happy, healthy future together.

I believe that every relationship should get a second chance.

Contact me today to get started.

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